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Our Journey & Vision

Since 2017.

Papillons is a proudly egyptian brand that works with natural elements
Winner of CDA17 in jewllery design


I’m Sara Osama the owner and designer of Papillons .
I started my journey in 2011 when I was making handmade accessories with beads , gemstones and copper wire .
And it began back in 2016 when I graduated from Faculty of Science “ Entomology department “
My passion of butterflies and jewllery-making made me think of new creative combination between them .
I Started with creating items with glass and resin, then slowly taught myself the process of soldering/brazing metals.
This could appear clearly in the bowties designs .
Though my work has transformed very much over the years, resin has remained my favorite medium to create with.


preserving the beauty in the nature and keeping memories forever .
So every piece is made from natural thing whether it is “ flower, leaf , insect or shell “ and preserved in high thick layers of resin .
I work mainly with high quality copper which is plated in “ gold , silver or black “ but will include sterling silver and gold-fill every once in a while.
Thank you all for following along, waiting for shop updates, and all of your sweet messages. I’m going on year 9 of being a full time jewelry artist,
and it is truly thanks to you and your amazing support!


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